Thursday, December 17, 2009

1st Craft Fair went well

So with little time to prepare and with no experience of being a vendor in this field, I took on the challenge of getting ready for this craft fair.

There were late nights of staying up and working on the holiday cards. There were nights of falling asleep on the job while making those cards

There were early morning risings sneaking out of the warm arms of Dear husband who by the way has been very very very supportive and understanding. There was late nights of body pampering with my brown sugar scrub which I enjoyed and got carried away most

The day arrived; I woke up early of course, finished some cards that I decided against doing the night before which worked out best since I had more energy. Then I packed and headed out. Got there a little late but not at the point that it hurt business... For a few hours things appeared bleak... Customers were passing through but was definitely holding on to their purses/wallets as tight as possible...

Well I kept a positive attitude and an attitude of Faith and Trust and I knew it would work out one way or another.. And in the end it did... It was successful in quite a few ways.... I did not lose any money and the lessons I learned were pricesless..