Let me introduce Myself

Hello My name is Lois Frederick also known as Jacinta
I am a Wife of a handsome debonair husband, a mother of a 12 daughter and the CEO of Jacfred Creation a handmade Stationery company
I love creating things and has always had an interest in anything crafty. I love cooking, baking and most of all I lose my days in creating wonderful cards in my home studio that I now use to heal the soul of others through my business www.jacfredcreation.com. As a child I loved doing crafts. I remember sitting in class and splitting my attention between the teacher in front the room and the drawing that I was doing on my desk, inspired by something that caught my attention earlier on. And to this day I am always creating things inspired by one thing or another
I grew up creating greeting cards for my loved one for different occasions and as I became an adult my friends would suggest I make cards to sell. I finally listened when God spoke to me when I was in the process of creating a mother’s day card for my best friend Shirma in May 2009
So I guess it is fine to say that I am an authority on hand-crafted creations, My commitment to transforming words onto original stationery stems from biblical references in which I live by both professionally and personally.

According to John 1:14, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”.
My belief in these words has catapulted my success in the greeting card industry. I understand that words are powerful and should be used to uplift, motivate, and speak life. As a child, my father continuously encouraged me to make cards to give to family and friends to acknowledge birthdays, weddings, and other memorable moments

I strive to improve the greeting card industry with original designs not found in any major chain store. Jacfred Creation continues to explore ways to present one-of-a-kind sentiments, for her one-of-a-kind clients.

My purpose here is to share with you the work that I do and to show you time and time again how you too can learn how to create greeting cards among other things for your loved one. Come along with me as I fulfill my purpose. Thank you for joining me