Thursday, August 30, 2012

A fall Wedding experience with Jacfred Creation

Are you ready for the wedding of your life: Invitations are ready and sent out >>>

The day has arrived. Guests sign the Guest book >>>

They share some ingredients or recipes for a successful marriage. They have the pleasure of writing with these lovely matching duct tape rose pens created by a young entrepreneur Justine D'Artist >>>

They find their table where they will be seating. There they are greeted by something different. This table number is actually an envelope. Enclosed in this envelope is a mini note book. Each guest at each table has to write something in the notebook that the couple will get to open on the matching year of their anniversary and read everything... >>>

Beautiful napkins with gold bead trimming is where you will find this handcrafted menu card. Check out an alternative to the regular business size place card. Keeping with the theme, it's a hand painted pine come with guest name attached

Keeping with the theme but another option

These are special wineglass Coaster/place card/escort cards... Great idea for the cocktail session too. The guest name and table number is scripted on it. It can be part of the favor as it is personalized. All made from paper, ribbon and bling.

These DIY glitter votives ray the colors of Autumn. Please leave at table at the end of the ceremony...lolol

Everyone has had their seats.>>>>>

Now is time for the couple to make their entrance>>>>


Party swinging. Everything was great, now is time to take some goodies home from the candy bar. The sunflower are actually cupcake toppers. >>>>>

The cones represents the cupcakes that will be in these paper crafted custom cupcake wrappers

And to show our appreciation, you will get these Thank you cards right away so we could save on mailing...lolo

The bridemaids helped made the wedding a success so we show our appreciation by giving them these special paper clutch purse made especially for them

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Card that EXPLODES

It has been a while since we wanted to create something like this but the opportunity did not present itself until last week.

We had a request for a card that will include some photos that had significant memories for the birthday Girl turning 50.

We did not want to do ANOTHER looong card so we decided to create this one. The final keepsake card is a box that when opens, explodes to expose photos, sentiments and a paper three-tier cake with a duct tape ring as the cake topper

Here it is closed with a lid trimmed with the colors of the rainbow as the theme of her party was "Celebrating the Colors of her 50 years of life" The lid also has a lovely paper daisy that we built. :)

Here is one side being revealed.

And another: Here is where you see the three-tier cake being revealed

And more.... Here is where you see the photos and different sentiments layered



More. Here you see the greetings under the cake

We were also asked to design the Invitation for the party

And sometimes it's hard to choose, so who said all the invites had to be the same?
Why not use them both? Variety is the spice of life! Right?

I hope you enjoyed this. Please give us your feedback.
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Until next time, I'm off to having some fun in paperland