Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Explosion

We had a request for another card that we had to use the Explosion Box design to bring out the vision of the card requested.

When our customer Andrea requested a card to represent Farmville, I was biting my nails but was determined to pull it off. Although I know of Farmville, I am not quite Familiar with the aspects of it so I did my research.

At first I thought I would use pictures from Farmville but that would not have allowed me to play with texture the way I like to, so I decided to create a 3-D form. I wanted to do a 3-D barn and the whole enchilada but I did not have that much time so I decided on the following instead.

Another view: Check out the grass paper and the barn in crackled wood paper.

I don't think there is a scene like that on Farmville but since this is a box card, I thought I'd think outside the box, haha, so I added some laundry pinned with clothespin on a line.. Like it? Then I had to find a unique place to add the sentiments in a place that can be discovered as she opened the card so I placed it in the middle there.

Closing it up and then I added some more sentiments on the lid...

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