Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Longest Card We Ever Made

We had so much fun with mother's day cards creation this year. Things went the way we planned it and we experienced some growth in marketing. It would have been strange if we did not get a "crazy" last minute order..Yes, my life is meant to be full of excitement which includes rushing to the post office the last minute to get an order in to get to its destination on time. So this order came in April 30th. A card to hold a lot of pictures all on one card. Ok, my "lot" interpretation was about She said 20... wheee... Ok I think I could pull this off since I also provide scrapbook services and I already had a design so all I had to do was enter her information and customized it for mom.. Well I thought so until on the 4th when I finally got the pictures and a sweet message... I added some additional ones.. hummm I wonder how many more?.. It was 32 now. Oh my lawdy lawd.. Will I be able to pull this in time?... I am very detailed with my creations as you may have noticed so here I am envisioning all these great ideas for this card but how will I pull it off in time? Well I decided not to stress because keep in mind I have other rush orders and I am trying to reach customers to confirm information but couldn't reach them. I don't like letting people down so I made some decisions. I made the card with what I thought was enough to do this card but something said that I should not put on the cover as I would normally do at this stage. I had a cover in mind and although I tried to think of another, that first idea kept sticking in the front of my mind so I decided that I will go ahead and use that one. So it's Thursday, the day the card should be mailed out and I only have the photos cropped to size, the card lined with the specialty paper. This card has to be finished in time to be packed and shipped out by 3pm. I remained calm. Took everything upstairs and lay out everything the way I would place them on the card. Oh boy I do not have enough space.... Oh well, let's add some more card stock. I WILL make that work... Here we go... Oh Man, I thought I figured that out... I still needed to add more and more... (it was great that I did not add the covers as yet). Finally, I had enough. But now I have to go layer the unfinished card stock with the specialty paper. Well luckily I had cut too much by mistake the first time so that helped eliminated one step.
I lined the spaces, attached the photos and then I remember... There are two more, Yes the customer had forgotten to send two more but luckily for me, there were spaces for them so I printed them, sized them and attached them to the card. Now to do the cover.. Bravo...This actually looks better than I had envisioned
We made it in time. We wrapped it nicely, packed it and sipped it off by 2:55pm..Yeah, I DID IT! I never cease to amaze myself... *customer received her package yesterday and remarked "That's the Best card ever" You know I am smiling ears to
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  1. Hi! what a lovely idea, cool card!Love your designs, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Eighttreestreet. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave us a comment. :)